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Although ‘sales’, ‘revenue’, and ‘income’ are highly related terms, they have different meanings. These are to be carefully noted to strike a balance of your business’ needs as you do the business strategic planning.

Here are strategies for businesses who aim to increase their ‘Sales and Revenue’.


If you’re not a new company, one way to generate exponential growth is to add new products and services to offer. Through market research, you can identify products with high demand that you are not yet offering. You may want to replace old products with new ones, as well. This might result in a decrease in sales but generate higher revenue when the product/service value is increased.



If you have a price-sensitive product or service, it pays to review your pricing strategies. Study the competition and where you stand on the range of prices of the same products/services you provide. You can then increase and decrease your prices based on your strategy. Lowering down prices might aid you and make up for lower margins. While increasing prices can create a higher perceived value in the minds of consumers.



Another way is finding more people/platforms to sell your product/service. A company can look for another company who don’t compete with each other but have a similar target market and customers. Develop a cross-promotion deal where you can use more platforms and expose the product/service better and increase sales.



One way to increase sales without having to change the products or pricing is finding new business channels to sell. With market research and proper business strategic planning, you will find out that online selling, wholesaling, direct mails, or other methods can significantly boost your sales.



This is one of the most obvious and common strategy for businesses. Putting more efforts in exposing your products/services to your target audience can significantly raise sales when it is done right. However, note that quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to sales. Marketing strategies are important in determining your method of making sure your efforts are reaching the right people with the right message. It is important to test methods and see what works best before putting all your budget in. There can be methods that are highly working for others but might not work with your type of business or offering.


There are several ways to pull a business from stagnation. Especially these days when so many factors are affecting how the market traditionally works, business-owners have to be up-to-date and vigilant at the latest innovations. All the changing factors such as technology are highly affecting the way that customers of different industries and market think.

There is a constant need for study and market research from companies to keep up with providing the top-quality offering to their target market.

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