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Companies under DMCC Free Zone no longer have to provide their employees with a 3-year mandatory employment residence visa.

From 22nd of May 2019, 1, 2, and 3 year visas will be available for companies to offer their employees.

This gives companies greater flexibility and managing the workforce. With this, companies can the now align the visa validity granted to their employees with their business needs.

The option for visa validity is available for the following:

  1.  002-Employee residence permit (visa)
  2. 012-Employee residence permit (visa) renewal
  3. 015-Transfer an employee to DMCC from others

Important notes:

  • From 22 May 2019 when hiring, renewing or transferring your employees, you will be able to select a one, two or three year Employment Visas validity.

  • Fees for the Employment Visa depend on the validity period selected.

  • The Emirates ID (EID) typing validity must match the residence validity.

    For example: If the client selects one year visa validity, then the EID typing validity will be for one year and the fees will be charged for one year only.

  • You can select and confirm the visa validity under the sub-section of ‘Applicant Existing Visa Details’ of the applying Service Request (SR).

To know more about business setup in DMCC or Employment Visa Validity, get in touch by emailing us at commercial@sdacconsulting.com.