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From the economic, humanitarian, social and administrative fields to health, education, culture and human resource optimization, the UAE has always planned one step ahead of economic demand and have therefore issued policies to easy the economic development. As a result of the same initiative, The UAE has announced a10-year visa for investors and professionals, which is an irrefutable evidence of visionary leadership in UAE and will further boost the economic growth by attracting professional to work in UAE and investors to invest their foreign investment funds in UAE.

The new law covers the investors and talented pool of individuals from fields such as medical, scientific research, technical fields and other innovative professions. A professional from the UAE says that this law will create an “attractive space” for foreign direct investment as it will enhance the ability of investors to plan and finance the workforce and talent pool. It’s believed that it will attract the accurate level of skills and talented people to the UAE on one hand and make it easier for the companies to employ those talented people on the second hand. Yet facilitating the professional employment procedure to boost the employment opportunities in UAE.
Not just that, a major most awaited shift in the law is that the foreign investors will be able to enjoy 100% ownership of their business by the end of 2018 which is a golden opportunity for foreign investors to invest their money in UAE with 100% ownership and to transfer the earnings internationally. This humble decision by the UAE government also include relief for students who will be able to obtain a five-year residency visa and for exceptional students a ten years residency visa. The students currently sponsored by their parents will be able to extend their permits for educational reasons and to stay longer in UAE.