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SDAC CONSULTANT DMCC enables to all clients a solid platform for Commercial Information and Administrative Services. These are created ad hoc to offer strategic advisory to both corporate and individuals interested in engaging in commercial activities in the prosperous region of the Middle East, a central location to explore Asian and African markets from a safe, professional and business-friendly environment.

Our role is to provide clients with fundamental information on company formation in the UAE, as well as render administrative support related to residency visa, government authorizations and procedures, documents translation and legalization, notary activities involving Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Health or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our Documents Clearing service is designed to advantage clients in the efficient submission of commercial and personal documents towards government and non-government bodies, securing approval. Furthermore, we assist customers in identifying suitable areas for office space, in accordance to sizing requirements, opening bank accounts and select medical insurance plans, thought our preferred brokers. In order to improve the value of the provided services, we support clients with Quality and Standardization service by assisting them with the provision of ISO certifications, vital in creating and sustaining organization effectiveness.

Intellectual Property Rights monitoring activity is important in promoting and protecting intellectual property rights business investment. It is also useful in being up to date with recent technical developments and technologies, identifying new licensing partners or suppliers, market opportunities, monitoring activities of competitors and avoiding infringements. This can also include IP considerations when drafting feasibility plans and marketing strategies, contracting, certificates and sales agreement issuance, as per author’s terms and conditions.

SDAC Commercial Information and Administrative service includes:

  • Administration Consultancy
  • Documents Clearing Service
  • Consultancy with Residency Visa and Emirates ID
  • Consultancy with Work Permits
  • Consultancy with Company Labor and Immigration cards
  • Consultancy with Documents Notarization
  • Consultancy with Documents Legalization and Attestation
  • Consultancy for Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Shareholder Agreements in both English and Arabic language
  • Consultancy for obtaining Government authorizations and approval (i.e. Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Transport Authority etc.)
  • Trade License Issue, Amendment or Renewal
  • Consultancy with Bank Accounts
  • Assistance with Medical Insurance provider
  • Quality and Standardization Service
  • Process Optimization
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
  • Fiduciary Service (Local Sponsorship)
  • Temporary Professional Service (Manager, Director, Secretary)