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Building a business and running a successful one entails a constant cycle of problem-solving. Running a business in the UAE, in particular, entails challenges that companies constantly deal with. Here are some of the common challenges that businesses constantly come across and best ways to deal with them.



The business environment in the UAE is kept in order by the tight rules, regulations, and requirements by the government. Many business encounter problems when they fail to comply with policies implemented for businesses in the country.

Very often, investors do not reside in the country which makes it hard for them and the business administrators to be updated with the changes in terms of economies and authorities.

For instance, when a company fails to comply with the year-old VAT implementation and keep records, it can result to huge monetary penalties. It is important that they either have a managing team in the country, or more practically a consultancy team that executes necessary actions and are updated with any important implementation.



Employees are unarguably one of the most important assets of a company. Not having the right person in a position can have huge adverse effects on achieving success in the business. Many cases show that overall company results are highly affected by not having the right person doing the job and/or mismatch of role and skills.

Hiring the right talent comes as a challenge to many businesses. One of the most viable solutions for companies is to have a very efficient evaluation system that appraises the performance of employees from time to time.



Changes are happening everywhere. Some of the drastic revolutions may not be in your sector or industry but there is no exception into the need for every company to know, adapt, and optimize changes in the market such as in – products, technologies, competition, and prices.

What happens to those who fail to adapt is that they are left behind by the whole competition. It is when others are vastly moving towards new ways of delivering services and products, innovating, and offering new value to clients. This results to losing business by losing the chance to be chosen by their market.

This is when companies need to turn to consulting companies for business advice. Consulting companies based in the country of operation has the expertise and knowledge on how to rise above these market challenges. Moreover, a consultancy partner who has had the experience in dealing with these for many years would have strong, tested strategies that can help a company overcome the challenges it is facing.

Whether you are an established business or planning to build a business in the UAE, it is important to know the Role of Strategic Consultants in helping you overcome challenges and achieve long-term goals.

If your business is facing any of these and need expert advice, you can speak to the partners of SDAC Consulting DMCC for an hour of complimentary consultation. Follow here to arrange a consultancy session.

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