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There is no doubt that the freelance economy in the UAE has risen  in the past year and it is very apparent that it will continue to rise in the coming years..

“The growth of freelance workforce is three times the growth of the traditional workforce” says Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork, a globally-known freelance website. UAE stands 4th in the best places to work freelance in, next to Hong Kong, USA, and South Korea (UK Business Site, Expert Market).

Authorities from different Emirates have started making freelance licenses more affordable to many investors in addition to flexible payment plans. There are now freelance permits that start from AED 7,500. Professionals in the field of Media, Education, Tech, and many more, can now get their business permits followed by residence visas with ease.

This  growth of the “gig economy”, as they call it, could be both – a result of the proven benefits of the system to companies and contractors; and an adaptation to the changes in the market.

There are several reasons and benefits why many companies are now turning into freelancers when they have a demand for workforce. Among the many most important is that employers are able to manage their overheads more efficiently without neglecting the needs for work.

This affects the market in many ways which will be very apparent in the coming years. More companies will be seen hiring freelancers; and more full-time employees will be moving  from being company-employed into working independently.

With the many freelancing options in the UAE nowadays, many professionals have already made their shifts ahead. This is nonetheless a big move that requires careful planning and assistance. It comes with consequences that highly involves finances which cannot be overseen especially as expats in a foreign country.  Figuring out the planning is a gap filled by freelancing and entrepreneur consultancies.

When shifting, it is important that professionals know the type of license  that are right for their activity and type of business. Otherwise, not having the correct one might make you miss benefits with the many options now that may cause confusion. Business consultancy services like SDAC Consulting can help you choose the right one for you.

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