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For every company, a business strategy is a total must. It serves as the roadmap to achieving objectives leading to bigger goals.

May it be in launching a new product, aiming for a higher sales target, or expanding the team. Every significant milestone is achieved by having an efficiently planned and effectively executed business plan.

Without a proper business strategy, the daily operations of the company are not guided. Teams won’t have directions and it will be difficult to measure achievements.

Here’s what happens to a business without a business strategy

1. Unclear objectives and goals

Your company might already have its vision and mission but they are not useful without being backed up by measurable goals. Having objectives and goals means setting a target and working towards it. Without a strategy that sets this, the whole team won’t have anything to specifically work towards. Goals and objectives are important in developing long-term productivity and actions plans to attain business success.

2. Improper allocation of resources

When there’s no business strategy, nobody can properly identify the company’s priorities. What are the top activities that result to growth? What are the vital systems necessary for proper operational flow? Which product should you invest to market?

Without planning and foreseeing, it is difficult to manage funding and budgeting. Leaders will end up releasing budget requests from managers. In cases like these, they end up spending the budgets on other things and leaving nothing for the critical ones such as supplier payments and payroll.

3. Unorganized Structure

Different businesses have different organizational structures that work for them. It has to be identified depending on the particular business activity. Whichever is best for your company, it has to be made clear to leaders, managers, and all the employees. This way, everyone is aware of their responsibilities an vital roles in the success of each project.

4. Lack of Proper Communication Flow

Having a communication flow is imperative in aligning everyone’s understanding on where the company stands. This includes the priority, getting update din new information, and distribution of information. A business strategy identifies this structure and without it, employees can easily get lost on the many things that they face every day.


The answer to this should be made clear to everyone.

Being a leader or founder, you may already know the mission and vision of the company by heart. However, it is not the same case for the employees, people coming in and out of the company. Moreover, they may not have been there from the start. The vision and mission may be discussed frequently. But regardless, it has to be laid out in a clear, understandable, and executable business strategic plan.


Lacking a strategic business plan will eventually pull your business into a critical position. Work towards your vision clearly with a solid plan.

A strategic business plan should be specific enough to indicate the goals, timelines, responsibilities, and methods. And it should be flexible enough to adapt to changes such as industry advances and market movements.

Strategic Business Plans are best done by experienced experts who know the important specific components of it.

If this is an area that you are currently facing problems with, you can get in touch with our expert business advisors from SDAC Consulting DMCC. Commercial@sdacconsulting.com