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          In the recent years, so many international businesses have decided to come to expand their companies in Dubai or in the UAE. You will find every type of business consultancy in Dubai across different industries – from distribution and retail, logistics, finance, business development, media, agriculture, and many more.

          The continuous efforts of the UAE government to diversify the industries in the country have been successful that the UAE is now able to not be highly independent to the oil and energy sector.

When it comes to environment, it is obvious that many come to open businesses in the country benefiting from many things such as being a Strategic Location – located between East and West, it boasts ease in logistics. It has both seaport and airport making it easy for many companies to ship goods in an out. Another factor is its Excellent Infrastructure. These makes up a Comfortable Lifestyle for many which investors, businesses, and families for residency.

          Apart from that, here are 4 more major reasons why the UAE is without a doubt, a great place to invest and establish a business

1. Stable economic and political system

It has been a continuous effort for the UAE government to create a system that is beneficial to investors with the aim of attracting more businesses. They are serious in creating a politically and economically stable condition for businesses, establishing protective rules and laws. The government actualizes its long-term growth plan for the whole country.

2. Availability of Free Zones

The existence of Free Trade Zones has been a big impact in doubling the reasons to enter the UAE market. In Free Zones, companies can completely own a business without having to have a local sponsor. This gives investors complete freedom in running the business. Plus, free zones provide them with complete facilities to efficiently conduct operation. Company establishment in a Free Zone is easy when you have the right expert partners to help and assist you.

3. No income tax

One factor that makes UAE stand out as a business area is the No Income Tax Economy. There is no need to pay tax with the income of individuals. The recently introduced Value Added Tax is 5% which is technically, still so much lower than that of many other countries.

4. Ease of acquiring a visa

It is quite a lengthy process to establish a business in the UAE but once completed investors can get a residence visa and can sponsor dependents, as well.

If you are planning to expand your company in the UAE or establish a business in the country, know more by checking out this article about common challenges that investors face:


SDAC Consulting DMCC provides complete assistance to businesses wanting to be in the UAE. Expert advisors can help you with business establishment, consulting, corporate strategic planning, accounting and tax accounting services, and VAT advisory.

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